Wednesday, February 18, 2015

T5W: Friend Groups I Would Like to Join

Really supportive/fun friendships are sort of my thing, so coming up with a list for this week’s topic was a lot of fun! For four out of five of these friend groups, I would probably need to develop superpowers, so ummm, I’ll try to work on that. Here are the friend groups I would absolutely love to join:
  1. Team America. I know I’m cheating here because I’m definitely referring the MCU iterations of Steve, Sam, Natasha, and (eventually, I'm hoping) Bucky. I’m really hoping we’ll get to see more of Steve and Natasha’s friendship in Age of Ultron, and I can’t wait to have Sam back in Civil War and the support he provides his friends. I’m also excited to see how Bucky will fit with them in the MCU. I just really love them all, okay?
  2. The Guardians of the Galaxy. Okay, this is less cheating because I’m specifically thinking about the Abnett and Lanning run of Guardians of the Galaxy. They get off to a super rough start as a team, but how much they come to trust each other and work together is really amazing. Peter is such a big cementing factor to the team, and it’s great to see so many different types of characters (with completely different motivations) come together and save the universe!
  3. The Sailor Scouts. Absolutely. Who doesn’t love the Sailor Scouts? That was a rhetorical question. Next.
  4. The Weasley Twin friend group. I feel like a lot of people have mentioned the Golden Trio from Harry Potter, but I always thought that being friends with George, Fred, Lee, Angelina, Katie, and Alicia would be a lot of fun (and, most likely, occasionally infuriating because of Fred and George’s constant stream of pranks).
  5. Princess Diaries. Mia's friend group in the Princess Diaries reminds me a lot of my friends (you know, except that none of my friends are princesses and with a lot less of the drama that comes with that). They’re nerds. My friends are nerds. It’s a great match.
What friend groups would you like to join? I'd love to hear about them!

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