Wednesday, February 11, 2015

T5W: Books That Take Place in Your Country/Region/or Area

Since I usually tend to read books set in places where I want to live (New York, London, etc.) as opposed to where I actually do live (the suburbs of Atlanta, GA), this week's topic was a bit difficult for me to come up with answers for. But, though minor cheating, I've come up with somewhat of a list!

  1. The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman. I swear I don’t aim to put at least one comic on these lists every week, but the early volumes of The Walking Dead are set in or around Atlanta, and I think that’s pretty cool. Unlike the comics, the TV show still takes place in Georgia, and it’s an absolutely harrowing thing to drive by a street in Atlanta and go, “oh, hey, that place was completely overrun with zombies last week” or to see a decrepit UGA bus on a series poster and go, “oh, hey, I totally went to that school."
  2. Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce. I actually heard about Jackson’s books because she’s a fellow alumna of UGA and spoke to the English department when I was still a student there. Because of this it really shouldn’t have surprised me so much that Sisters Red was set in Atlanta. I’ve not read many urban fantasy series, but I think knowing the general vibe of Atlanta really grounded the story and helped me define the characters more (there’s a rather big difference, in my mind at least, between a “Northern” character and a “Southern” one).
  3. ttyl by Lauren Myracle. I read this ages ago, but Goodreads has informed me that the characters lived in Atlanta (or Georgia, at least), so who am I to argue with that? What I do remember is that the exact setting didn’t really matter much to the overall crux of the book since all of it took place over chatroom messages. I remember that I really liked how different the format of it was and that it was a super fast read.
  4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This one is probably super cheating because maps of Panem are all over the place, but, you know what? The Atlanta area is totally in Area 10, and they totally filmed bits of Catching Fire and Mockingjay in Atlanta, so I’m totally going to count it. Fun fact: the elevator where Katniss meets Johanna is in the Marriott Marquis where Dragon Con is, and I’ve totally ridden in that elevator up to the same floor (the 10th floor) where Katniss and Peeta go.
  5. Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. I’ve never actually read Gone with the Wind (or seen the movie, for that matter), but, chances are, if you bring up you’re from Georgia, Gone with the Wind is probably going to be the thing most people think of (don't lie — you were probably waiting for me to mention it on this list). Maybe one day, I’ll read or watch it?
What are some of your favorite books set in you're region? I really like to read books that focus on different parts, so I would love to have some suggestions on where to explore next!

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